Journals (Refereed)
  1. Semi-Automatic Category Estimation and Data Augmentation for Opinion Extraction of Product Components
  2. Developing an AR Lecture Recording System with Direct Manipulation of Virtual Slides by Physical Objects
  3. Efficient Likelihood Ratio Estimation Method for Low- and Zero-frequency N-grams Using Feature Selection
  4. Who Was Wrong? An Object Detection Based Responsibility Assessment System for Crossroad Vehicle Collisions
  5. Unified Likelihood Ratio Estimation for High- to Zero-frequency N-grams
  6. Conservative Direct Estimation for Likelihood Ratios based on Observed Frequencies
  7. Conservative Estimation for Conditional Probability
Conference Papers (Refereed)
  1. Delay Risk Detection in Road Construction Projects Utilizing Large Language Model
  2. Deepfake Detection System for Facial Evidence Verification in Criminal Justice and its Legal and Ethical Implications
  3. Lyricist-Singer Entropy Affects Lyric-Lyricist Classification Performance
  4. AiDashcam: A Vehicle Collision Responsibility Evaluation System based on Object Detection and OpenStreetMap
  5. Direct West African Dishes Recognition and Calorie Classification with Small Dataset
  6. Development and Experiment of Classroom Engagement Evaluation Mechanism During Real-Time Online Courses
  7. Consideration of Language Learning Service with Visualized Vocabulary Map Derived from WordNet
  8. Improving Multi-class Classifier Using Likelihood Ratio Estimation with Regularization
  9. Conservative Likelihood Ratio Estimator for Infrequent Data Slightly above a Frequency Threshold
  10. Developing a Meta-AR Space Construction System and Mapping Coverage Visualization
  11. Developing a Component Comment Extractor from Product Reviews on E-Commerce Sites
  12. Matching Social Issues to Technologies for Civic Tech by Association Rule Mining using Weighted Casual Confidence
  13. Product Information Browsing Support System Using Analytic Hierarchy Process
  14. Online Classroom Evaluation System Based on Multi-Reaction Estimation
  15. Analysis of Interests of Civic Tech Communities in Japan towards Developing Civic Tech Community Recommendation System
  16. Feature Selective Likelihood Ratio Estimator for Low- and Zero-frequency N-grams
  17. Developing a Lecture Video Recording System Using Augmented Reality
  18. Development of an Extractive Title Generation System Using Titles of Papers of Top Conferences for Intermediate English Students
  19. Improving Association Rule Mining for Infrequent Items Using Direct Importance Estimation
  20. Improving Estimation of Conditional Probability for Determining Importance of a Bigram
  21. Journal Name Extraction from Japanese Scientific News Articles
  22. Direct Estimation of Likelihood Ratio for the Analysis of Context
  23. Finding Association Rules by Direct Estimation of Likelihood Ratios
  24. Using Conservative Estimation for Conditional Probability instead of Ignoring Infrequent Case
  25. Confidence Interval of Probability Estimator of Laplace Smoothing
Regional Papers (Non-refereed)
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